Jiangxi Province Pingxiang Gao Kengbu the Plastics plant bottle cap, the oak models, electric porcelaneous, porcelain ball, electric instrument lead sealing, electric wire suspension hook, line card, Three Contacts, nonstop, the air switch, stops the water valve, the sucker, the seal packing collar



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Pingxiang , Ganxi pearl. South the Zhejiang and Jiangxi railroad penetration thing, inside 

320,319 connection, the Shanghai elder brothers connect high speed

Prosperous, Changsha. My factory located at Pingxiang Gao Kengbu the Laokay , the transportation is very convenient. My factory organized in 1990, mainly lived Produces the plastic and the oak models the product . Attached factory production high and low pressure electric porcelaneous and Gao Lvci ball . The plastics plant produces the small product, the industry and miningThe fitting, the Shui national minority thing , packs the bottle cap and each kind of oak models the seal and the cushion.

The Shui national minority equipment adjusts the air valve to stop the water valve plastic Three Contacts plastic to go nonstop to the air switch plastic bottle cap seal packing collar liquid medicine containing menthol bottle cap agricultural chemicals bottle cap fermented bean curd bottle cap forgery-proof to cover the soft air faucet plastic to attach

Consignment: Railroad railex (2-4 days), post office (4-7 days), road, railroad freight transportation and so on. The funds to deliver goods

Contact method:

Handset: 13407996896

Telephone: 0799-6378669 6371669

Facsimile: 0799-6371669

QQ:7190095 popo : 6371669@163.com

Mailbox : 6371669@163.com mailbox 2: 6378669@sohu.com

Opening a bank account. Account number : Agricultural bank 95599 8158 09905 13814 李萍毅

Address: Jiangxi Province Pingxiang Gao Kengbu 57

Factory manager : Li Pingyi

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he machine-made environmental protection charcoal yearly produces 500 tons

Factory manager: Qin beautiful jade ( technical advisory work ); 15907994001 factories: 0799-6378669


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